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Common method for polishing copper profile

Copper profiles in workpiece polishing is completed on the surface of the work to be smooth, shiny, commonly used polishing method with mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic polishing, magnetic abrasive polishing.
1, mechanical polishing: mainly rely on mechanical cutting method, the workpiece to cut off part of the rough polishing, a polishing method to achieve smooth gloss effect, generally use the wool wheel, sandpaper more, by manual operation and special shapes such as surface, the polishing tool can be used to assist the surface quality high standards can be used to operate the ultra precision polishing.
2, chemical polishing: let copper profile polishing uneven parts and chemical reaction was dissolved, resulting in smooth surface. The main feature of this method is that the process is relatively simple, can be polished to different degrees of the workpiece surface, multiple workpiece can also be operated at the same time, the production efficiency is high. The most important chemical polishing is the preparation of polishing solution.
3, electrolytic polishing: the realization of the principle of polishing and chemical polishing polishing the same, that is, the selective dissolution of copper surface uneven surface, so that the surface smoothness. Compared with the chemical reaction, the negative reaction can be eliminated and the effect is better.
4, ultrasonic polishing: Copper in abrasive suspension, and then placed in space by ultrasonic, ultrasonic frequency oscillation, the abrasive fast on the surface of copper material grinding until smooth. Ultrasonic polishing more difficult is the tooling fabrication and installation.
5, magnetic abrasive polishing: magnetic field in the atmosphere, will have the role of magnetic abrasive polishing, polishing processing of copper. In this way, the work efficiency is good, the quality is high, its polishing condition is quite good, and is convenient to control.
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